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Oregon’s 1,300 cultural nonprofits produce and protect a bounty of arts, heritage, and humanities activities across the state. Collect the ones you simply must experience: CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE LIST! Share your list with friends and use it anytime you’re in search of cultural adventure. Have questions? View our FAQ.


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Visit the oldest water-powered grain mill in the state, representing the past 150 years of rural Oregon life

Boston Mill Society


Linn County



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Boston Mill Society

The Boston Mill Society preserves and protects Oregon’s largest water powered mill and the Thompson Mills State Historic Site as they provide tools for interpreting the agricultural, commercial, industrial, and social life of Oregon’s historic Willamette Valley.

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Field Guide FAQ for Cultural Nonprofits

How can I list my organization’s activity on the Field Guide?
If you are an Oregon 501c3 cultural nonprofit and partner of the Cultural Trust, your activity is likely to be eligible for inclusion in the Oregon Culture Field Guide!

Activities must be produced, or protected, by one of Oregon’s more than 1,300 arts, heritage, or humanities nonprofits.

The goal in listing these activities is to provide Oregonians with a menu of quality cultural programs that are available year-round or at regular intervals. One-time events and events that do not repeat at least once a year are ineligible.

What is the history of the Field Guide Activity List: How were activities originally selected for inclusion?
For several weeks in October and November 2012, nominations were solicited via In reviewing submissions, staff and representatives of the Oregon Cultural Trust created a diverse selection of arts, heritage, and humanities activities in Oregon. Family friendly, adult, indoor, outdoor, urban, suburban and rural activities were chosen from all regions of the state. The majority of those nominations were originally listed in the Field Guide.

In October 2013, responding to input from website users and in celebration of Days of Culture, more than fifty new activities were added. The nomination process is ongoing.

If I’d like to see an activity added, can I nominate it?
Yes! Nominations will be vetted by staff and representatives of the Trust, and posted to the Field Guide during the next scheduled update. All nominations must include the activity’s title (see existing activities for examples), a short description and photo, the name of the supporting cultural nonprofit, and contact information for the person making the nomination.

Please use the feedback tab to the right to share all questions, comments, and nominations.

How do I use the Field Guide to promote my activity and my organization?
We encourage you to use our social sharing functions to “like” your own and others’ activities on Facebook, to share information about the Field Guide on your own Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, and to post about your activities on the Cultural Trust’s Facebook page.

Also, members of your organization and participants in your activities can post photos to Facebook with the tag @OregonCulturalTrust, or to Twitter and Instagram with the tag @ORCulturalTrust. Through December, we will be using the hashtag #culturegives and running contests for creation of “life lists,” user-generated, custom collections of must-do activities on the Field Guide.

If you would like to guest blog at about the life list function of the Field Guide, including your activity and a travel pitch about your area, please contact